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~ Brian D. Howe

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R.A. Gustafson's Experience

Born with spina bifida and loss of feeling in my feet I have always had a lazy right foot when walking.

Years of construction work and sports took its toll on my ankle, it got so I couldn't walk through a gravel parking lot or along a beach without turning over on my ankle. I used a lace up ankle brace to try and compensate but it didn't address the lazy foot issue.

When I was sent to Island Orthotics Inc. to get new orthotics they suggested that an Articulating Ankle Foot Orthosis (AFO) would better suit my needs. Thankfully I listened, whether it's biking, hiking or a simple walk on the beach my AFO has allowed me the confidence to venture almost anywhere!

Thank you Island Orthotics.

~ R.A. Gustafson.

Customer Testimonials

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