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Dear Tim and Island Orthotics,

I wish I had met you many, many years ago. My orthotics have been ... [ read more ]

~ Don D

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WP's Experience

I was born about fifty odd years ago with some deformity in my back and have since had several accidents which have done my back and some of my discs no good. In fact by now the list of problems due to spinal stenosis severe scar tissue growth in my neck and upper back collapsed discs is so long that several specialists were puzzled as to how to avoid further deterioration.

As a result I started to grow in a variety of deformities that threatened to put me in a wheelchair around the year 2000. Stubborn as I am I kept an active lifestyle (as active as possible with my disabilities), all the while realizing that my skeletal health would not be getting any better only worse.

In 1996 I was prescribed a clamshell C.T.L.S.O. from Island Orthotics in order to minimize any further damage to my neck and back. This was my renewed contact with back braces to which my reaction was "oh no not a brace again!" I was also put in a Milwaukee brace when I was six and had to wear it until I was eleven years of age much to my chagrin. This time it was all different, I was taken care of by Island Orthotics.

In 2007 I was again at Island Orthotics to have, yet again, a C.T.L.S.O. measured to fit. Throughout all this I am short superlatives to describe the quality of;

A) Quality of workmanship
B) Personal care
C) After are
D) Service
Quality of workmanship

The fact that each body is different and precision is needed when dealing with orthotics goes without saying. At Island Orthotics I have mainly had to work with Matt McLean (and to some extent with the other orthotic specialists as well) in the end the fit, functionality and finish is always as perfect as can be expected with my body. Several customizations needed to be made without any problem and most were done whilst waiting.

Personal care

It should the reader something that I am (by now) on a first name basis with most of the Orthotic specialists at Island Orthotics. And I can attest to the fact that everybody will be treated very professionally and with a care hard to find anywhere. Client's needs centered is what stands central in everything these people do. At Island Orthotics, it seems that quality of life for the client "patient" seems to be first and foremost their mantra.


With every brace and every adjustment to these back braces there seems to be more service to be given to the client "patient" until the desired adjustment is the perfect fit.


From measuring, ordering, re-adjustments to frontline staff the service has always stood at a very high plain. To the point whereby one knows to be valued and ones discomfort or illness is 'actually' recognized as to be a burden to be lifted.

So with all this I can tell you, the reader, with certainty that Island Orthotics in combination with my excellent Orthotic Specialist Matt McLean have brought me the best relief possible, moreover, they have kept me walking! And I am very grateful for this gift.

With much gratitude to all the staff at Island Orthotics.

I humbly remain,

~ WP.

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