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I was born about fifty odd years ago with some deformity in my back and have since had several accide... [ read more ]

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Norm's Experience

Thanks to Patti and the Island Orthotics staff for providing me with a lift for my shoe and a brace for my left leg.,

In 1995, I had a terrible accident where I broke both my legs, my feet, my L1 and L2. This accident left me paralyzed from the waist down for 3 years, and at that time, there was no hope for recovery. Miraculously, after a second surgery and 2 years of extensive physiotherapy, I was able to walk again! Unfortunately, my left leg healed crooked which left me with a severe limp. I was self-conscious of my appearance due to my limp, which hindered achievement of many of my goals.

Since I received my lift and brace, I cannot express enough gratitude, I am now relieved of pain, now walk with confidence which provides me the self-esteem to tackle anything.

Patti and the staff are lifesavers!

Your friend for life

~ Norm.

Customer Testimonials

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