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After recently moving to Victoria, and having worn leg braces for over fifty five years (polio), I was ... [ read more ]

~ Brian E

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George R. McLeod's Experience

I have always received personal one on one care at Island Orthotics. They have taken the time to listen to my problem and come up with the best solution suited to my needs.,

I was introduced to Island Orthotics seven years ago when my flat feet were sore and sensitive. At that time I was fitted with my first pair of custom orthotics that worked wonders for me. Being an avid hiker I have always worn the best footwear, but it was custom orthotics that allowed me to continue with my passion of multi day mountaineering treks. Finally my feet were comfortable and my legs and back felt much better. The orthotics actually enabled me to double my daily walking distance.

Seven years later, now 61 years old I was faced with another physical problem that Island Orthotics was able to help me with. Due to past ankle injuries and osteoarthritis I now found myself in pain after walking as little as a block on flat ground. Surgery (fusing the ankle) was an option, but not for me. To continue with my passion of hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains I needed to keep mobility without totally loosing the flexibility in my ankle. I went back to Island Orthotics, where Patti took castings of my leg and built for me a custom ankle foot orthoses. My new brace is designed to offload my ankle, allowing me to continue with my activities and prolong surgery. It is easy to put on and remove when greater flexibility is required to climb steep terrain. With the aid of my new ankle brace I have gone on treks of up to 4-hours and been able to keep my ankle pain in control.

Many thanks to Patti and Island Orthotics!

~ George R. McLeod.

Customer Testimonials

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