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~ Micheal B

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Brian D. Howe's Experience

I am writing to let you know about a recent event that occurred in my life. I took a walk on the beach…. For the first time in over eighteen years.,

As you know I suffered a stroke over eighteen years ago that left me with substantial paralysis on my left side. One of the main impediments for me had been ankle strength and knee hyper extension. I felt that these would not only continue but progress to the point of causing debilitating pain. When I showed up at Island Orthotics on the advice of my Physiotherapist I did not hold out a lot of hope for a solution. The Ankle Foot Orthosis that you built for me in early June worked immediately to allow me to have a “heel strike” for the first time since the stroke and returned a level of stability I thought was gone forever. It was a result of that ankle and knee stability that I walked on the Cordova Bay Beach successfully. The really weird thing is that I hadn’t known that I missed it until I could actually do it! Tim, I think what you offer is something every stroke affected person should be aware of. That is a freedom to move. Thank you for that.

~ Brian D. Howe.

Customer Testimonials

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