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Initial Canine Assessment

The initial assessment for your family canine and how it works

It starts with a consultation with your veterinarian and a determination of your canine's mobility issue. If there is a role for a brace in the management of your canine's issue you can ask your veterinarian to write down the issue and the suggested bracing option for your canine's need. With this information in hand you can contact our office for a consultation appointment. At the appointment it is recommended that you bring your canine's favorite toy and or snack to aid in temperament during a possible casting procedure.

There is no need to shave or prep your canine's limb in advance of the consultation. Once the assessment is completed and a plan for bracing is determined a cast molding with be done. The cast molding only takes 15 minutes to complete depending on the level of difficulty. As mentioned there is no fur shaving or preparation as a casting sock or protective plastic wrap with be used.

The molding of your canine's limb will act as the template for the orthosis manufacturing. The time from assessment/ casting to a fitting date will vary depending on the type of orthosis required and general scheduling limitations. The goal is to provide a device within 10 days. Allow 30-45 minutes for initial assessment and 1-2 hours for fitting, both of these timeframes are estimates and the session may be much shorter than these times.

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