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Knee Orthoses

Customized and prefabricated knee orthoses

Our clinic fits a wide range of knee orthoses. We specialize in custom or "functional" knee orthoses. It is fair to say that as our population ages the demands on their respective joints increase as well. This leads to a number of problems surrounding the knee and this is often the time that a knee orthosis is recommended. Many weekend athletes find themselves plagued by their old knee injury and limit their activity level around their knee limitations, instabilities and of course pain. Island Orthotics Inc. deal with all the major knee brace manufactures and are qualified to assess your knee problem and recommend the most appropriate knee orthosis should bracing be an option for you.

Island Orthotics Inc. staff is trained in the assessment for and supply of the Don Joy Orthtotics, Breg Ossur Orthotics, Townsend Design, Generation II Ossur and CTi.

Osteo Arthritis Trial Brace Program

We have a unique "Trial Brace Program" *established with Generation II / Ossur Orthotics in which we set up a suspected osteo arthritic (O.A.) knee client with a presized "Indicator" knee brace for a period of 2 weeks.

The goal of this program is to determine if a weight shift or unloading force off of the involved compartment of the knee aids in decreasing symptomatic O.A. pain of the involved knee. Assuming that this "Indicator Brace" provided some relief from O.A. knee pain, a custom or functional knee brace is recommended. Call or email us and we can set-up a consultation for you.

Note: if the trial brace is unsuccessful than only a small assessment fee applies.

Common Knee Conditions

If you're suffering from pain in your knee, we offer service options that relieve common pain associated with:

The Human Knee Anatomy

Cold (Cryo) Therapy

Cold therapy is a commonly recommended treatment following joint replacement surgery as it ensures a regular flow of cold water around the involved joint. The most common usage is for partial or total knee joint arthroplasty (replacement). We stock 2 Cryo Therapy systems, the Cold Rush and the Ice Pack Wrap.

Treatment Guide

Experiencing other joint pain? use our treatment guide to explore other bracing options that we offer.
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