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Cold (Cryo) Therapy

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Cold therapy is a commonly recommended treatment following joint replacement surgery as it ensures a regular flow of cold water around the involved joint. The most common usage is for partial or total knee joint arthroplasty (replacement). We stock 2 Cryo Therapy systems, the Cold Rush and the Ice Pack Wrap.

The Cold Rush system is an automated system that has an electric pump that circulates the ice chilled water from the pump cooler through a unique bladder that is wrapped around the joint and held in place with 2 Velcro elastic wraps. This system is known as the deluxe version of cold therapy and has met with very positive reviews.

The second cold therapy option is a simpler version known as a self contained system. this method uses a gel ice pack that is positioned within a wrap and inflated around the joint, the wrap uses velcro to secure it into place. The unit comes with 2 sets of ice gel packs which can be swapped in and out to ensure a cold surface on the involved limb.

Cryo System

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