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Elbow Contracture

Learn the pathology behind elbow contractures and how we can help

An elbow contracture is a loss of range of motion at the joint of either flexion or extension, typically after an elbow fracture or a burn. The functional range of motion for the elbow is between 30 to 130 deg, however full extension to 0 degrees is normal.

Orthosis Function:

Orthosis function is used to provide a passive stretch over a long period of time to stretch the soft tissues providing increased range of motion. There are a number of orthoses used for this condition with Mackie Elbow orthosis our most common as there is infinite adjustment to joint ROM (Range of Motion).

Suffering From Elbow Pain?

If you're suffering from pain in your elbow, we offer service options that relieve common pain associated with:

Treatment Guide

Experiencing other joint pain? use our treatment guide to explore other bracing options that we offer.
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