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Ankle Inversion Sprain

Learn the pathology bethind the Ankle Inversion Sprain and how we can help

The most common type of ankle sprain occurs when the foot is inverted too much or your foot rolls under your ankle. When this occurs the outer or lateral ligaments are stretched too much. The most common ligaments injured are the anterior talofibular and the calcaneofibular ligaments. Using an ankle brace will provide stability and comfort and can be a convenient addition to your rehabilitation program.

Orthosis Function:

Initial treatment consists of rest, ice, compression, and elevation. The function of an ankle brace is to provide compression, added stability and increased proprioception during your first few weeks of recovery. The long term need for an ankle brace is dependent on the severity of the injury, the degree of laxity resulting from repetitive injuries and personal preference. For moderate to severe injuries it may be necessary for the ankle to be immobilized in a removable cast boot temporarily to help you get around.

Suffering From Ankle Pain?

If you're suffering from pain in your ankle, we offer service options that relieve common pain associated with:

Treatment Guide

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