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Learn the pathology bethind Spondylosiss pain and how we can help

Spondylosis is degenerative osteoarthritis of the joints between the center of the spinal vertebrae. It can be caused by repetitive strain injury (RSI) caused due to lifestyle without ergonomic care, or age related degeneration. It may cause pressure on the nerves roots and can cause sensory and or motor issues, such as pain, or weakness in the limbs. Spondylosis can occur in any part of the spine, but is most typically found in the lumbar and cervical spine.

Orthosis Function:

Provide mechanical support during painful activities and limit the motion of the affected vertebrae and relieve nerve impingements by providing some distraction of the spine for pain relief.

Suffering From Back Pain?

If you're suffering from pain in your back, we offer service options that relieve common pain associated with:

Treatment Guide

Experiencing other joint pain? use our treatment guide to explore other bracing options that we offer.
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