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Walk-Aide Service for Drop Foot

The Walk-Aide is a unique and exciting option now available for the treatment of drop foot as related to M.S., stroke, head injury or other upper motor neuron based conditions. It has been referred to as a “Brain in a Box” but what it really is a nerve stimulator that provides a stimulus to the nerve that controls the muscles that elevate the foot at the ankle level (dorsiflexors). The key to the success of this system for those with drop foot is that the Walk-Aide is custom programmed to the individual’s walking or gait pattern. It can provide a dorsiflexion response (lifting of toes and forefoot) at the appropriate time in the gait cycle allowing a safe and functional gait pattern without the aid of a traditional orthosis (brace).

There are a number of advantages associated with the WalkAide but the biggest advantage is that the previously dormant muscle involved in lifting the foot is once again doing its job…lifting / dorsiflexing the foot! The Walk-Aide requires no special shoes / footwear, can be worn with any style of shoe and in fact can be worn while barefoot.

Since November 2007 Island Orthotics Inc. has successfully fit five (35+) Walk-Aides and tested dozens of others for a future potential fitting. Currently there is no charge for the initial consultation with the Walk-Aide and we are actively seeking more candidates to trial the system with.

It's Like a Miracle!

Times Colonist; October 29, 2009

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